Sophie Cauvin

Belgian painter

The Belgian painter and artist, born in Brussels in 1968, has been making news since she was at the Academy and holds pertigious prizes. Her work is inventive and she is motivated to pursue her career with determination. She offers no gratuitous remakes, but rather, an innate ability to question things which leads her to discover things which have not been revealed.

Mixed techniques allow her explore subjects in-depth and extend the traditional scope of painting.
These clearly present serious dangers witch some visual artists do not always avoid, driven as they are by fame and fortune. High-risk marriages require wisdom and thought in order to succeed and Sophie Cauvin, the Belgian painter jealously guards the preparation of this basic material of her painting.

Yet she knows that a good piece of work is not the same as a good painting. The artist must nourish the work with feelings and vigor so that the work is vibrant and "speaks"to observers with no artistic background. A painting which requires several pages of explanations or a quartier of an hour of professional discourse cannot be vibrant or lively. These artist understands this; she has always striven to make her work easily understood.

Discretely colored masses result from simple, easily recognizable shapes: spheres, triangles and imprints of doors and passages which transport the spectator into an immediately recognizable and familiar world. Alongside these shapes, writings,bits of fragile historical codex or palimpsest reveal incomprehensible written forms. They invite the spectator to reflect on the continuity of the written transmission.

Some works have a special atmosphere, offering the impression of a complete view with threats of danger or glimmers of hope. The black moon is invited and all the ancestral fears are reborn with their procession of legends about this planet, an imaginary point in the astrological sky. Symbolist see this as giving access to the door which opens toward liberation and transcendental light.

In order to understand the Belgian painter work, one must allow oneself to be carried away by instinct in order to easily confront the shapes on view. A pyramid or taut cord in an imaginary space lead to a certain form of philosophy or wisdom, while the secret books appear to have been created to reveal forgotten paradises. Calm and reflexion pervade the Belgian painter & artist's work and underpin her efforts with written forms.

belgian painter - Sophie Cauvin - 2016 Asteroide
belgian painter - Sophie Cauvin - 2016 Asteroide

The artist also shows that her personality is completely free from the influences which could have affected her. Sophie Cauvin the Belgian painter had four professors with an unusual personalities. She has managed to draw from their teachings while remaining true to herself, and that is not common. It is actually rare enough to be worth mentioning.